dask_awkward.from_map(func, *iterables, args=None, label=None, token=None, divisions=None, meta=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Create an Array collection from a custom mapping.

  • func (Callable) – Function used to create each partition.

  • *iterables (Iterable) – Iterable objects to map to each output partition. All iterables must be the same length. This length determines the number of partitions in the output collection (only one element of each iterable will be passed to func for each partition).

  • args (tuple) – Tuple of positional arguments to append after mapped arguments.

  • label (str, optional) – String to use as the function-name label in the output collection-key names.

  • token (str, optional) – String to use as the “token” in the output collection-key names.

  • divisions (tuple[int, ...] | tuple[None, ...], optional) – Partition boundaries (if known).

  • meta (Array, optional) – Collection metadata array, if known (the awkward-array type tracer)

  • **kwargs (Any) – Keyword arguments passed to func.


Array collection.

Return type: