We’re very happy recieve contributions to dask-awkward!

Reporting bugs#

To report bugs or any general issues please use the GitHub repository issue tracker.

Adding code#

To develop in the dask-awkward codebase, fork the repsitory, install dask-awkward with optional dependencies, and create a new branch:

$ git clone <url to your fork>
$ cd dask-awkward
$ git remote add upstream
$ pip install -e ".[test,docs]"
$ git checkout -b name-your-branch upstream/main

Make your changes and be sure to add a test. Run pytest in the dask-awkward repository with:

$ pytest

Commit your changes, push your branch to your fork, and open a Pull Request. We suggest that you install pre-commit to run some checks locally when creating new commits.


We include a pre-commit hook that runs mypy for static type checking. Code added to dask-awkward is not required to be typed, but the pre-commit check does enforce correctness when type hints are present.

Adding documentation#

Documentation is generated with Sphinx. All files are in the docs/ directory. When necessary, please also include an addition to the documentation. To generate the documentation run

$ make html

Inside of the docs/ directory to see how the documentation will be rendered.