The goal of dask-awkward is to allow for the creation of lazily evaluated computations on partitioned awkward arrays. We do this by mimicking the awkward array API. There are a few categories of operations under this umbrella:

  1. Things that are implemented: this is the best case, a part of the awkward API that is readily available: For example, dak.sum(a, axis=1).

  2. Things that are possible but we haven’t implemented: For example, an operation like dak.std(a, axis=0). Right now this operation will raise a DaskAwkwardNotImplemented exception. If you run into something like this please feel free to open up an issue on the GitHub issue tracker to start a discussion and get the feature request process started.

  3. Things that just won’t be implemented: There will be parts of the dask-awkward API that we simply cannot implement for lazy computation!